The idea of creating the posters-souvenirs comes from my travel experience, observations and desire to promote Poland. I wanted to inform people about the Polish values, heritage and some of the important things that Poles are proud of. I reckon that the graphics I am presenting are interesting, attractive and describe the Polish legacy in a creative way.


You may be wondering why posters? The answer is simple. A poster is like a “graphic message”. It can easily grab attention as it is eyes catching and it can convey information very quickly and concisely. In my opinion, a poster is the perfect way to promote a country, especially a country with such a great poster design history as Poland has.


There are various themes of my POSTERS FROM POLAND so I grouped them into series, so far: Poland, Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Lublin. There is also a vast variety of styles of the graphics from the numerous artists who I have invited to work on this project. Things that unify my posters are the authors talent, youth and their fresh perspective on art.


Enjoy browsing the posters and visit shops with my original souvenirs from Poland.



The artists


A graphic designer, illustrator and musician. He mostly designs concert posters, album covers and illustrates newspapers. His posters advertised performances of various international bands such as Daft Punk, Gossip, Franz Ferdinand and Kasabian. He draws illustrations for many magazines like Duży Format, Przekrój, Male Man, Film and Optimum. He exhibits in Poland and abroad (Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA and Turkey).




She represents the young generation of Polish poster artists. She graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Now she is an academic teacher in graphic arts in Poznan and Warsaw. She won several prestigious awards, including Gold Medal at the 22nd International Poster Biennale in Warsaw and Grand Prix at the International Poster Competition "Anti-Aids-Ukraine" in Kharkov. She exhibits in Poland and abroad (Italy, France, Germany, USA, China and Korea).





A skilful and talented graphic designer who graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He designs logos, visual identity, posters and illustrations. As a graphic designer he has been involved in many important campaigns and has designed for many well-known organisations and cultural institutions, as well as for ordinary people who want to realise their ideas. :)





Upon graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk they set up and lead a design studio called "re:design". The studio focuses on designing books, identity, web pages, posters and others sometimes unusual client requests. In addition to commercial projects they create their own projects, which are shared on the blog, to demonstrate that design can be both functional and fun.




Michał Matoszko

A painter, graphic designer and illustrator. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (master's degree in Graphic Design and Graphic Arts). For many years he was associated with the Polish Theatre, for which he made scenic design. Currently he cooperates with the Puppet and Actor Theatre “Kubus” in Kielce. In 2015 Michal Matoszko became an assistant in the Department of Graphic Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. He resides and works in Wroclaw. 



Małgorzata Rybicka

She is a painter and a graphic designer. She leads a project studio called "GRAFFISH". Małgorzata is also a graphic designer at The “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre and “The House of Words” in Lublin. She is a laureate of many prestigious contests and awards, including: PTWK Competition for “The Most Beautiful Book of the Year”, “Agrafa” (International Students' Graphic Design Competition), Medal from the President of Lublin and “Zurawie” (Lublin Cultural Awards, category "Picture"). Her posters and book covers have been exhibited in Poland, Ukraine, Germany and Japan.



I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my artist for taking part in this enterprise.

Where to buy?

Sklep Muzealny

Zamek Królewski w Warszawie

Plac Zamkowy 4

00-277 Warszawa

tel. 22 355 52 64


Art Bookstore

Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie

Al. Jerozolimskie 3

00-495 Warszawa

tel. 22 621 10 31 wew. 369

Księgarnia Artystyczna

Zachęta - Narodowa Galeria Sztuki

Pl. Małachowskiego 3

00-916 Warszawa


Galeria Plakatu

ul. Piwna 28/30 (Rynek Starego Miasta)

00-265 Warszawa

tel. 22 831 93 06

Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu

ul. Hoża 40

00-516 Warszawa

tel. 22 621 40 77


Chopin Store

Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina

ul. Tamka 43

00-355 Warszawa

Museum Store

Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich POLIN

ul. Anielewicza 6

00-157 Warszawa


Warsaw Point Gallery

Złote Tarasy

ul. Złota 59

00-120 Warszawa


Spółdzielnia Rękodzieła Artystycznego

Krakowskie Przedmieście 39

00-071 Warszawa

tel. 22 826 08 14



ul. Świętojańska 23/25

00-266 Warszawa

tel. 22 185 58 98

Sklep "reset"

art & design point

ul. J.Dąbrowskiego 36 (róg Kazimierzowskiej)

02-561 Warszawa


Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie

Al. 3 Maja 1

30-062 Kraków

tel. 12 433 55 00 wew. 556


Kamienica Szołayskich

o. Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie

Plac Szczepański 9

31-011 Kraków

tel. 12 433 54 51 wew. 455

Galeria Plakatu w Krakowie

Kramy Dominikańskie

ul. Stolarska 8-10

31-043 Kraków

tel. 12 421 26 40


Pamiątki "RUCH", WAWEL

Zamek Wawel 9

31-001 Kraków

Pamiątki "Ziomek", SUKIENNICE

Sukiennice - Pod Arkadami 12

31-042 Kraków


Pamiątki "OKO"

Waldemar Ostolski

ul. Grodzka 33

31-001 Kraków

Museum Store

Europejskie Centrum Solidarności

Plac Solidarności 1

80-863 Gdańsk


Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku

Gmach Główny, Oddział Sztuki Dawnej

ul. Toruńska 1

80-822 Gdańsk

Zielona Brama

o. Muzeum Narodowego w Gdańsku

u. Długi Targ 24

80-828 Gdańsk


Kamienica Ferber. Pamiątki.

ul. Długa 22/27

80-801 Gdańsk

Sztuka Wyboru

ul. Słowackiego 19

80-257 Gdańsk


Lubelska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna

ul. Jezuicka 1/3

20-113 Lublin


Muzeum Lubelskie w Lublinie (Zamek)

ul. Zamkowa 9

20-117 Lublin


ul. Królewska 13

20-109 Lublin


Galeria Labirynt

ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5

20-052 Lublin

Centrum Spotkania Kultur - Sklepik Kulturalny

Plac Teatralny 1

20 - 029 Lublin


Między Słowami - Księgarnia & Kawiarnia

ul. Rybna 4

20 - 114 Lublin

Lubartowska 77 - Sklep i Jarmark Lubelski

ul. Lubartowska 77

20 - 123 Lublin


Wrocławska Galeria Polskiego Plakatu

ul. św. Mikołaja 54 - 55

50 - 127 Wrocław